Not only fresh truffle: thanks to the union of tradition and modern technologies, the precious hypogeum mushroom has found many applications giving life to new products with a unique and unmistakable flavor.

All this is made possible thanks to companies that have included within their staff of machinery, combined with human resources, allow to work wisely this raw material creating products whose taste resembles that of homemade productions.

Initially little known, today truffle products have garnered a wide consensus and have become valuable allies in the kitchen capable of stupid and delight even the most refined and demanding palates around the world.

Sauces, sauces, pasta, condiments, typical products: the possibilities of using truffles are becoming really numerous!

Whole or sliced truffle

Thanks to modern technologies and the centuries-old experience combined to the world of truffles, today it is possible to enjoy the varieties of underground truffles even after the end of the natural season of collection of the product.

All this is made possible by preservation techniques that allow to “lengthen” the life of truffles safely and healthily without the use of additives or chemicals.

The preserved truffles are divided in turn into two large types: the whole, where the truffle is precisely preserved in its entirety, and the slices, where instead the sections are preserved.

Both types are a valid alternative to enjoy the uniqueness of truffles all year round, giving a unique flavor to your dishes.

Creme of pure truffle

One of the most wanted products by truffle lovers. These creams enjoy a high percentage of truffles in them (about 70%

Easy and practical to use, pure truffle creams enhance the taste of the precious hypogean mushroom, flavoring your dishes in a unique and original way allowing you to give free rein to your imagination.

Truffle sauce

Popular and very popular, suitable for creating delicious appetizers or to give life to tasty first courses. Truffle sauces are one of the products derived with the greatest variety of types.

Produced according to recipes and preparations handed down from generation to generation, these sauces have had a strong spread in recent decades entering the kitchens of the world thanks to their simplicity and, above all, their unique flavors.

From porcini mushrooms to gorgonzola, from fondue to olives, from pesto to almonds: an infinite variety of truffle sauces that will send your taste buds into a fibrillation.

Truffle pasta

When we talk about truffles, it is natural to think about its typical matching, that is to pasta and risotto. 

Handmade, they are a practical and tasty solution to surprise your guests. Among these we find rice, noodles, polenta and much more.

Truffle seasoning

A true discovery of flavors and applications, truffle seasonings have slowly gained popularity entering the kitchens of the world thanks to their versatility and, above all, their variety.

Among the most popular truffle condiments there is undoubtedly the extra virgin olive oil with white truffle or black truffle, an inevitable must able to highlight every dish with the flavor and aromas that are typical truffle can generate.

But truffle seasonings are not limited only to oil. To underline the growing use of truffle butter, always a precious ally of the hypogeum mushroom able to enhance its characteristics.

To underline the increasing use of truffle salt, balsamic vinegar cream with truffle and dried truffle powder, condiments easy to use and able to match any type of dish.

Thanks to this variety of seasonings, your kitchen will have a new flavor.

Typical products

Among the various applications of truffles we cannot fail to emphasize the particular reinterpretation of typical Italian products that find in the precious hypogeal mushroom an unusual ally.

Among the first typical truffle products that have entered homes all over the world we find cold cuts and sausages, such as sausages, salami and mortadella. A tasty combination that combines the strength and aroma of truffle to our Italian meats in a perfect mix that can give life to delicious appetizers, tasty focacce or imaginative uses.

We cannot fail to mention cheese, both mixed and aged, which in recent years has become increasingly popular. And speaking always of cheeses and typical Italian products, many have started to combine it with truffle honey, a sweet and fragrant way to taste all the qualities of the hypogeum mushroom.

A very varied range of products that also includes very different products, such as truffle lard, grappa or truffle amaro and even truffle chocolates, a delicate dessert that has amazed even the finest palates

A new way to taste and share the tradition of Italian cuisine with the fragrance, aromas and flavors of truffles.