Tips on how to store truffles

One of the most common questions that are asked when buying truffles is related to its preservation. A legitimate question that needs an equally exhaustive explanation to reveal some tricks and secrets that can help us.

We can not start by remembering one fundamental thing: truffles are a product of the earth with high perishability and must be eaten fresh! We are still talking about a hypogean mushroom that cannot be seasoned like any other sausage, therefore it should be consumed as soon as possible at the time of purchase.

However it is possible to adopt some small precautions to increase its conservation.

1. One of the most commonly used methods is to store the truffle in a glass or plastic container wrapped in kitchen paper in the refrigerator. Thanks to this method the truffle will slowly give its water to the paper, but will not lose its scent excessively.  This method is not eternal, we recommend not to exceed 6 days of storage in the refrigerator.

2. Another more elaborate but suitable method for re-use in the preparation of pasta dishes is to preserve the scent of truffles by slowly melting butter in a saucepan, let it cool (but not to thicken) and then grate the truffle in butter. Once the process is done you get a mixture that can be put in the freezer for some time.

3. Another more homemade method of preservation is to grate the truffle in oil. A solution that does not guarantee a long storage, since the water inside the truffle will begin to add to the oil making it rancid. Therefore, if you intend to use this method, we recommend that you consume it within 6 days.

Beware of the false myth of rice!

Many recommend storing the truffle in a bowl of rice, but be careful: this method does not work! After a few days the only result we will get is a very fragrant rice that will have taken almost all its aromatic properties to rice that will remain devoid of flavor.

There is also another method of keeping definitely wrong that, for some reason, is very common among chefs, or store the truffle in a jar wrapped with wet paper (or damp cloth) instead of the dry one. Highly discouraged method that goes to spoil all the flavor of our truffle!

We conclude the article by reminding you of the advice expressed at the beginning: truffles are a product of the earth and is very perishable, if you want to taste it at best should be eaten fresh!

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