From kennel to truffle hunting champion

A story to discover that of Lea, the three-year-old half-bred dog who avoided the kennel and then turned out to be a champion in the search for truffles. A story with a happy ending that takes place in Città di Castello, an Umbrian town, where the old owner of Lea could not keep it anymore but, when all seemed lost, the little dog was adopted by a well-known “quarrymen” of the area.

Lea, together with Mario Guerrini, her new owner, known by the local inhabitants as “Mindo”, 62 years old, is an expert truffle hunter who has noticed the potential of the dog right away. After a training course, in a few months of activity Lea has allowed the search for more than a kilo of precious trifola, bianchetto and black. A real record.

A story also linked to another dog of Mr Guerrini. Shortly after the tragic death of his friend Fimo, a Romagna lagotto who was a champion recognized by all in the search for truffles, stumbled, unfortunately in a poisoned meatball, Mr Guerrini learned of a friend’s intention to take the dog to the kennel because he was unable to look after her again. The expert truffler did not think twice and decided to adopt it, thus increasing the number of his family of “quattrozampe” specialized in truffle hunting.

Lea as well as being a loving dog, has been very good in the search for truffles. “It has a natural predisposition and an exceptional flair in every soil and has already shown off its ability to find truffles: in a short time it has found excellent sizes, species trifole”, explained Mr Guerrini, reminding everyone that truffle hunters “are the first friends of dogs”.


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